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mtweten Create A New Sandbox


2019 September 19 3:33 PM

mtweten Dwight Yoakum removed from Concerts at the Opera page
No Sandboxes


2019 September 19 3:20 PM

mtweten Replaced 2019 subscription pricing pdf with 2020 version
brandon_local_newlogos edoyle_new


2019 September 16 3:41 PM

edoyle_new -Updated M. Butterfly homepage slider record
-Removed Costume/Props sale from Production Rentals
-Added POP schedule
-Removed John Fogerty menu/info from Concerts at the Opera page
-Regenerated eRube and season data


2019 September 12 9:58 PM

edoyle_new -Added SPKTS trailer to PDP
No Sandboxes


2019 September 12 9:48 PM

edoyle_new -Creation and compltion of SPKTS high-res image gallery including all crops, corresponding high-res files, image and credit info
-Creation of Orchestra high-res gallery with high-res image from 2019 group
-Minor update to Barber PDP (Almaviva)
-Regenerated eRube and season data
No Sandboxes


2019 September 11 9:30 PM

edoyle_new -Orchestra Press Release content, imagery, PDF, related media links, etc...
-Updates to Latest News page (Orchestra headline and PR link)
-Regenerated eRube and season data
No Sandboxes


2019 September 9 4:36 PM

edoyle_new -Updated Concerts are the Opera page (removed submenus items and info on McFerrin and The National
No Sandboxes


2019 September 4 2:49 PM

edoyle_new -Updates to New Works
-Updates to Apprentice Program Application info (removed live application and replaced with evergreen content)
-Created Special Events data record for Youth Nights (Calendar) linked to internal page
-Created 2020 PDP pages, plus Apprentice Scenes alises and redirects (ex /rusalka)
-Updated Opera Shop hours (removed 2019, added 2020)
-Added Apprentice Video to Apps Scenes PDP gallery
-Added Apprentice Video to 'About the Program' page; also various updates to bottom of page links
-Updated Concerts at the Opera page (removed Mariachi content)
-Updated Welcome message on homepage slider (plan your visit)
-Regenerated eRube and Season data; flushed cache
No Sandboxes


2019 August 30 9:58 PM

edoyle_new -Updates to Repertory/Archives and New Works lists
-Creationg of Young Techs events on Calendar plus wrkshop info on internal page
-Regenerated eRube and seaosn data
No Sandboxes


2019 August 29 4:30 PM

edoyle_new -Updates to Homepage slider (removed 'discover 2020 season' and SPKTS)
-Added SPKTS tile feature on Homepage
-Created Costume and Prop Shop sale on Calendar and internal page content (under Production Rentals)
-Various updates to FAQs page (scrubbing out 2019 and replacing with 2020 dates and info)
-Regenerated eRube and season data and flushed cache
-Rmeoved Kacey Musgraves concert listing from Concerts page


2019 July 6 11:28 AM

spkts -Changed SPKTS to 2019 season (main menu Calendar link not working properly)


2019 June 1 8:22 AM

2020_season -Enabled all Orchestra audition content for live, including on site map
-Posted Orch auditions to Orchestra, Auditions, and Seasonal Position: Orchestra pages; also enabled /auditions redirect to orchestra content
-Adjusted buttons on Dining page (stacked arrow llinks)
-Added Box Office sidebar contact to Opera Dining and Preview Dinners pages
-Regenerated eRube and Season data


2019 March 5 12:01 PM

media_lounge_switchover -Added /404 hard redirects to Application webform page and success message page


2019 February 4 6:26 PM

concerts_at_opera_test -Updated Opening Weekend Celebration webpage with edits from Jessica (per RM)
-Updated OWC data record with latest summary verbiage from Jessica (per RM) and regenerated eRube and season data
-Updated OWC object on Special Events landing page with same verbiage updates
-Minor fix on Media Lounge webpage (Company History link at bottom was pointing to DEV rather than live)


2018 December 20 7:28 PM

seating_all_test -Updated alllllll Mainstage performances plus Preview Dinners data records from Donors to ALL for seating
-Regenerated eRube and season data


2018 December 18 5:12 PM

enhancements_test In enhancements sandbox: created and completed the following Enhancements data records: 2019 Tailgate, 2019 Shuttle ABQ, 2019 Shuttle Santa Fe Early, 2019 Shuttle Santa Fe late; regenerated eRube and season data


2018 December 3 10:26 PM

production_jobs_and_application_smart_form -Created production_jobs_and_application_smart_form sandbox
-Downloaded all materials from Tracy (brochure, rec. form, etc...)
-Added production Department links (widget) to main Production Employment landing page; also added Application process widget; updated EOE verbiage; removed now-past and check backe verbiage and dates
-Updated Apprentice Technicians page (removed now-past and check back verbiage and dates); embedded
-Created new object with all SFO interview places/dates for 2019 and embedded into main Production Employment and Technical Apprentice webpages
-Deleted Application Form from packet of various apprentice forms from Tracy and created new PDF with recommendation forms only, and uploaded to SFO server
-Renamed 2019 Apprentice Brochure #4 to 2019 Production Bruchure and uploaded to SFO server
-Updated Employment Application widget with 2019 forms both the Brochure and Recommendation forms embedded into buttons opening into new windows, updated Application Form button to read smart form (not PDF)
-Minor reformatting to main Apprentice page (capitalized INTERNSHIPS for more visual pop, moved Learn More link up to relevant paragraph, and capitalized Arts Administration)
-Various updates to Production page content (updating headers, layouts, checking all Department pages for consistency, light proofing, etc...)
-Updated Tech Apprentice 'About the Program' page with new widget which includes button/link to Application Info
-Imagery research -- downloaded man working on antlers backstage shot for Application webpage header. Photoshopped for web use (cropped and sized desktop, mobile and tile versions, uploaded to SFO server and embedded into webpage info
-Enabled 4th tile with small city quite (for even box of 4 tiles in Tech Apprentice section)
-Created child webpage to Production Application Form - called Production Application Success page for success message after submission -- added all needed backend info (title and imagery)
-Updated all job descriptions with new #'s of positions for 2019
-In edoyle)new sandbox updated Company History page with summary of new Leadership (Meya, Neef and Bicket). Also updated repertory #'s of works and composers performed to date.
-Created new Costume Shop object with all job positions available and embedded into page
-Created new webpage for Safety Department including all needed info; created new object with Safety Department description and positions available; also embedded browse by department widget and sidebar contact info
-Created new objects with job info, positions available dates for wigs and make up, lighting and electrics, production and music services crew, properties department, scenic art department, stage department, audio/video Department
-Updated Wig and Makeup Department to Wigs (and Makeup), including new URL and alias
-Added new Safety Department page to positions by Department widget
-Researched Safety Department imagery; downloaded back deck imagery with stripes and orange cones and photoshopped for web use--- created desktop and mobile files and uploaded to server and embedded into webpage
-Created Success message object with all pertinent verbiage and contact info and embedded into new Success webpage (triggers upon successful submission of Application)
-Created Production Application smart form data record with all pertinent first level info
Built and completed 23 sub data fields on smart form; various testing
-Also created intro and outro verbiage objects and embedded into smart form webpage -- these include application notes, instructions, acknowledgment terms, recommendation forms etc
-Tons of testing and fixing data fields (no punctuation, no spaces, no numbers -- have to get creative!)
-Success in DEV as of 3:0pm; email to Tracy with test submission and inquiry about pushing to live for proofing and additional testing
-Additional verbiage and resource buttons for Production Application page (brochure and recommendation forms) plus additional formatting and layout adjustments
-Moved form outro instructions and verbiage to success webpage
-Regenerated eRube and Season data one last time
-Updated sandbox to be current with live site and pushed live to


2018 November 30 3:56 PM

syosseatingchangestest -In SYOS sandbox updated 2019 Preview Dinners seating parameter from None to Donors; regenerated eRube and season data and sent confirmation to Mary and Box Office
-Updated all 5 mainstage production data records, plus apprentice scenes seating peramaters from none to donors; updated 2019 CYO subscriptions data record from None to All
-Regenerated eRube and Season data


2018 October 26 5:22 PM

webformforartiststest Created new sandbox for Artist Bio Submission Form
-Created new Web Form data record for Artist Bio Submission Form and completed with all relevant data including 10 data fields (Name, Voice type or Profession, Hometown, Role or Roles in 2019, Productions that apply, 3 Recent Engagements, 3 Future Engagements, Special Notes (debut); and Website)
-Created new smartform object with php coding for functional Artist Submission Web/Smart Form
-Created new webpage for Artist Bio Submissions including all needed info and new imagery (desktop 1600x500 and mobile 767x350 uploaded to SFO server) (also disabled from SiteMap and disabled menu navigation)
-Created Artist Bio Submission Success webpage with all needed info and imagery
-Created new object with Success message verbiage including custom green font, success message and Media/PR contact info for questions (also disabled from showing on SiteMap and disabled menu navigation)
-Created Intro and Outro verbiage objects (contact info and reminder to proofread answers for accuracy, as info will be used on Website and print materials)
-Additional edits to Smart Form data sets (added fields for 2020, SFO Debut y/n, SFO Debut text field (role, opera title, year), Former Apprentice y/n) and regenerated eRube and season data for further testing. Upon viewing removed 2020 Role/s data field for now so as not to muddy the waters...
-Various troubleshooting of Form (error message of missing info, success message not generating, etc...) Various fixes including removing all punctuation ad spaces from secondary data fields...and regenerating of data for retesting... SUCCESS! The test submission arrived to my address (as I'd programmed it to do) and Success webpage generated! However, Data not sorted in reply as it is on page/form. Hmmmm. Might need to rebuild...
-Second round of edits and testing to Artist and Creatives Bio submission form -- rebuilt order of form using yesterday's established Elements (despite front end data sorting, Elements must be created in the order we would like for them to appear in an Excel spreadsheet on the backend...This will ease the Bio creation process.) 15 elements in total. Regenerated eRube and season data and tested form in DEV.
-Responses now arriving in order most useful for internal purposes (i.e. front and back end match) However the generated .csv file still produces old element order. Performed various troubleshooting including flushed the cache...
-Updated artistwebformsubmissiontest sandbox to live version of site to see if this fixes data sorting issue...Continued testing... Still receiving unsorted backend elements/data. Turned off saving to DB and regenerated to see if this fixes issue... No. Pushing to live for further testing (opening up to DZ and WebTeam...)


2018 September 20 9:30 PM

seat_naming_campaign -Removed RM's phone number from Staff Directory (per Sullivan)
-Double checked updating main nav URL from /operas-and-ticketing to /ticketing-and-operas URL one last time before contacting L2; change results in non-functional production detail pages (this shouldn't happen)


2018 September 12 5:27 PM

testing_onds -Updated global OND buy button with first dinner date only -- as it won't accept multiple performance IDs. Need to test in live...


2018 August 27 5:10 PM

ada_message ada wheelchair message


2018 August 25 6:21 PM

edoyle -Removed 2018 Youth Nights Schedule and ticketing info -- replaced with verbiage to check back for 2019 schedule...
-Updated Concerts page with now-past verbiage for the Summer Concerts
-Removed 2018 Backstage Tour Buy Button and info -- noted to check back for 2019 dates and info
-Updated Opera Dinging page -- removed dates, Buy Button and Learn More link for Opening Night Dinners -- will reinstate for 2019 once event go on sale


2018 July 9 11:16 AM

placing_pixel_test -Edits to website page templates as these are global -- located <body> and </body> tags and placed pixel script into Homepage template just before close of </body> tag.
-Reloaded Homepage in Dev, viewed underlying script and voila -- pixel script is there and generating in proper place!
-Decided to add this script to the remaining page Templates (One Column, One Column - Event Detail, Two Column - Sidebar Left, and Two Column - Sidebar Right)
-Tested various pages on website -- Candide, Donate Now, Calendar, Operas & Ticketing --- each page is generating pixel in source code -- yes!!!


2018 July 7 7:34 PM

related_media_edits -Uploaded and embedded PDF of Doctor Atomic News Release and embedded into Doctor Atomic News Release data record (arrow link to new window)
-Regenerated eRube and season data


2018 June 11 1:37 PM

installing_gtm_test Installed GTM scripts into Home page (under Misc tab...)


2018 June 6 9:47 AM

edoyle -Created new object to house Apprentice Events - Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado concert info including imagery and hyperlinks; edited event summary verbiage from Julia Baca (per TH) and embedded into About Us > Apprentice Opportunities > Singers > Events page

-Updated Discover > Community > Family Nights page: removed August 17 Italian Girl listing, updated Doctor Atomic to July 18 (from Aug. 2) and reordered list to be chronological


2018 June 5 12:03 PM

apprentices_2018 -Updates to Apprentice Singers Application page per TH -- 2019 (not 2016!) Apprentices will... also fix typo waiting receipt to "awaiting receipt"...and added horizontal spacers between content subjects for a more tidy layout.

-Minor fix on 2018 Apprentice Singers roster page (Petrocelli is from East Greenwich, Rhode Island)

-Enabled date search bar on 2019 Season landing page

-Further updates to Mavericks production data record (added sidebar info: Benefitting NDI New Mexico, VIP tickets phone #...)

-Regenerated eRube and Season data


2018 May 18 12:13 PM

edoyle -Uploaded and embedded new social share imagery into 2018 Production records (x's 5)

-Created new main website social share image (deletion of record results in SFO logo being the default image -- not good) Evergreen selection: theatre from the south at sunset and simple 'The Santa Fe Opera' in white. Created new social share default data record (under 'Defaults'); uploaded new graphic to SFO server and embedded into data record

-Regenerated eRube and season data, flushed cache


2018 May 17 4:36 PM

new_heros_2018 -Updated Home SlideShow and Production data records for all 2018 productions with new hero imagery (illustrations). Crops are: slideshow, header, mobile, tile, small, thumb, and package-background crops

-Updated Media Lounge credits with illustrator name and credit to the Atomic Heritage Foundation

-Regenerated eRube and Season data, flushed cache


2018 April 20 2:39 PM

edoyle3 Removed Box Office Customer Service listing entirely from Seasonal Positions: General page


2018 April 16 8:51 PM

edoyle3 -Added Wojciech Milewski as Music Director under Discove > Community > Concerts> Spring Tour

-Updated Summer Concerts July 29th listing to Albuquerque (not Santa Fe)


2018 March 20 10:55 AM

pahtdisclaimertest Added Print at Home Ticket disclaimer language and resources (hyperlinks to download Adobe software and/or visit Support) as new Object, embedded into /payment page


2017 November 16 6:46 PM

enable_seating_cyo_subscriptions Enabled CYO seating via CYO 2018 data record. Updated content (dates, PDFs) on following pages: Opera Shop, FAQ's, Enhance Your Visit, Group Sales. PHEW!


2017 November 13 8:25 PM

edoyle Corrected 'Preview Dinners' dates under your visit > your night at the opera > opera dining


2017 October 11 4:03 AM

edoyle Updated NYC Gala mobile header imagery by adding an additional 267 pixels of 'space' within/around the graphic -- more space means less 'loss'. Final fix, I hope!


2017 September 8 5:14 PM

2018_preview_dinner_fix 2018 Dinners to be on sale and unseated


2017 August 28 5:31 PM

mtweten Getting Here updates for 2018 (shuttles)


2017 June 30 8:51 PM

dgeoffrey Lucia gallery from OD1
16055 16207


2017 June 26 5:55 PM

16055 Package title colors.


2017 June 6 8:51 PM

mtweten Apostrophe removed in Golden Cockerel intro


2017 May 2 7:18 PM

mtweten "Enhance Your Evening" changed to "Enhance Your Visit"